The Making of…

My friend Rebecca ( entered a Katy Perry makeup look contest on youtube. Check out her awesome video!

Ariel and I helped her with her with it last Tuesday. I filmed the video and Ariel offered comedic encouragement…

Ariel at Jani’s

Becky gettin’ pretty

Ariel’s serious face

the finished look

the makeup used

Laughing at one of Ariel’s “ohhh yeahhhh”s?

I’ve been playing with my new trial of Photoshop CS6 Extended. I’m in love.


Summer Bucket List

  1. Eat fondue
  2. Make ice cream (Nutella)
  3. Make cake from scratch (3.5. Decorate cake)
  4. Make piggie cupcakes 🙂
  5. Bake our own bread
  6. Make blueberry muffins from scratch
  7. Make no-bake Nutella cheesecake (NUTELLA!!)
  8. Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Soho shopping
  10. Go to Serendipity
  11. Go to Henri Bendel in NYC
  12. See a Broadway show
  13. Go to build a bear / build a build-a-bear
  15. Go to a random concert
  16. Make a solicitor hang up
  17. Go to the beach
  18. Make an awesome sand castle
  19. Bury Ariel in sand
  20. Watch the sun rise, sun set, and sun rise without ever going to sleep (Mr. Costa)
  21. Climb a tree (HG)
  22. Learn archery (HG)
  23. Learn knife throwing (HG)
  24. Priiiimroseeee Everdeeeennn…..(at Starbucks)
  25. Buy an island off the coast of Cali
  26. Make a flag (for our island nation)
  27. Go to a shooting range thang…
  28. Put a fake tattoo on my (Akshay’s) shoulder 🙂
  29. Make a real painting on canvas stuff
  30. Start a photo blog
  31. Be ninjas for a day
  32. Ombre shorts
  33. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  34. Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House
  35. Sneak out of the house
  36. Walk around with drawn on mustaches
  37. Make a tumblr (Becky)
  38. Say yes to everything for a day
  39. Learn how to juggle (like Hazzah)
  41. Follow a rainbow to find the end (like that car commercial)
  42. Go rock climbing
  43. Go to the trampoline/bouncy place thing
  44. Marry Harry Styles (Becky)
  45. Marry Nialler (Akshay)
  46. Go hang-gliding
  47. Go see Amish people
  48. Spa day
  49. Make a paper airplane
  50. Make paper cranes and send to Japan
  51. Henna tattoo
  52. Go to an iPod rave thing
  53. Flash mob!!!!
  54. Blind string cheese taste test
  55. Galaxy nails
  56. Pillow fight!
  57. Sleepover
  58. Make a fort
  59. Boxing class
  60. Use a British accent for a day
  61. Make a blanket
  62. Make a flip book
  63. Buy a danbo
  64. Braid our hair together
  65. Make 1D dolls
  66. Create an Etsy shop
  67. Go to a psychic
  68. See a movie at Bryant Park in the city
  69. Make a scrapbook of Summer 2012
Yeah, we’re cool.
As my best friends Rebecca (, Ariel (, and I finish each number on our bucket list, I’ll cross it out and write a new post with photos of the day. 🙂 One down, 66 to go!

Summer rain

Well…almost summer. Two more finals to go and I’m done!

Time Runs Out

And there was never any place
for someone like me to be
totally happy
I’m running out of clock and that
ain’t a shock
some things never do change
never do change

– Cavanaugh Park by Something Corporate

That’s how life goes.

Old fashioned alarm clock and uncut grass in the late afternoon sun. : )


Blossoms from spring